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Mrovi Trailer Parts introduces the ultimate braking solution for your trailer: the 8K Electric Brake Pair.

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Upgrade to Superior Safety with the 8K Electric Brake Pair

Mrovi Trailer Parts introduces the ultimate braking solution for your trailer: the 8K Electric Brake Pair. Designed to significantly enhance the safety and efficiency of trailers with 8,000 lb axles, this set includes both right-hand and left-hand electric drum brakes, ensuring a comprehensive upgrade. Our brakes are compatible with leading brands such as Dexter, Besser Pro, and Lippert, offering you unparalleled reliability and compatibility.

Key Features of the 8K Electric Brake Pair:

  • Axle Compatibility: Specifically crafted for 8,000 lb trailer axles, featuring a four-hole brake flange for easy installation.
  • Comprehensive Design: This package includes both the left-hand and right-hand electric drum brakes for a balanced and efficient braking system.
  • Self-Adjusting Mechanism: Equipped with an automatic adjustment feature to ensure optimal performance and minimal maintenance.
  • Ready to Install: Arrives fully assembled with shoes, springs, and magnets pre-attached, simplifying the installation process.
  • Versatile Wheel Compatibility: Fits wheel sizes of 16″, 16.5″, 17″, and 17.5″, making it suitable for a wide range of trailers.
  • Product SKU: 77-1208-2.

Ideal for Diverse Applications:

Whether it’s for Utility Trailers, Flatbed Trailers, Equipment Trailers, or even specialized trailers like Snow Mobile, Car Hauler, Camper, Cattle, and Horse Trailers, our 8K Electric Brake Pair is designed for heavy-duty use across various sectors including construction, agriculture, and commercial transport.

Why Mrovi Trailer Parts?

Choosing our brake assembly guarantees a blend of high-quality, reliable performance with efficient braking and minimal maintenance needs. The self-adjusting feature of our electric brake assembly provides a hassle-free, effective braking solution, essential for the rigorous demands of heavy-duty trailer operations.

Installation Overview:

  1. Preparation: Start with a clean axle and brake flange to ensure there’s no damage.
  2. Mounting: Easily secure the brake assemblies on both sides of the axle with the 4-hole brake flange configuration.
  3. Electrical Connection: Ensure a secure and reliable connection to the trailer’s electrical system.

Key Installation Tips:

  • Verify that the brake assembly aligns with your trailer’s 8,000 lb axle specifications.
  • Install the brake pair correctly on both the left-hand and right-hand sides for balanced braking.
  • Adhere to all electrical safety protocols during the connection process.
  • Note: Mounting hardware is required but not included with the package.

Concluding Thoughts:

The 8K Electric Brake Pair from Mrovi Trailer Parts is a critical upgrade for enhancing the safety and efficiency of heavy-duty trailers. With its self-adjusting feature and compatibility with a range of wheel sizes, it offers a straightforward, effective solution for maintaining and upgrading your trailer’s braking system.

Key Product Details:

  • Type: Electric Drum Brakes
  • Compatibility: 8,000 lb. Axle
  • Features: Self-Adjusting
  • Wheel Compatibility: 16″, 16.5″, 17″, and 17.5″
  • Brake Flange: 4 Hole
  • SKU: 77-1208-2

Elevate your trailer’s performance and safety today with the 8K Electric Brake Pair, featuring the quality and durability you’ve come to expect from Mrovi Trailer Parts. Order now for reliable, efficient braking that keeps your trailer in peak condition.


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