True 8,000 lb Tandem Axle Complete Parts Kit


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This True 8,000 lb Tandem Axle Complete Parts Kit Includes:

  • (2) 8K 12×2 Brake Axles
  • (4) 4K 29.50″ 6 Leaf Slipper Springs
  • (2) 4K U-Bolt Kits
  • (1) Slipper Tandem Hanger Kit
  • (4) 16″ 235/80 R16 14 Ply Radial Steel TWA (Tire Wheel Assemblies)
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True 8,000 lb Tandem Axle Complete Parts Kit

This True 8,000 lb Tandem Axle Complete Parts Kit is an exceptional choice for those in New Jersey and the surrounding region looking to construct or enhance a medium-duty trailer. It offers a comprehensive set of components that enable quick and efficient assembly with OEM-grade quality for a high-performance towing experience.

What’s Included in the True 8,000 lb Tandem Axle Complete Parts Kit:

  • Two 8K 12×2 Brake Axles: Robust and designed for demanding tasks, ensuring reliable stopping power.
  • Four 4K 29.50″ 6 Leaf Slipper Springs: Ensures durability and steady suspension for a smooth ride.
  • Two 4K U-Bolt Kits: For a firm mounting of axles and springs, enhancing stability.
  • One Slipper Tandem Hanger Kit: Facilitates the attachment of slipper springs, ensuring proper alignment.
  • Four 16″ 235/80 R16 14 Ply Radial Steel TWA (Tire Wheel Assemblies): Promises durability and a smooth ride with a sophisticated silver/gray finish.

Key Features:

  • OEM Grade Components: Ensures your trailer meets industry standards for safety and performance.
  • Fully Assembled Axles: Save time with pre-assembled axles, focused on enhancing the efficiency of your setup process.
  • Effortless Maintenance: Featuring an EZ Lube Design that simplifies the lubrication process for ongoing performance.
  • Durability: Constructed with strong steel to promote even tire wear and a better driving experience.
  • Versatile Applications: Ideal for an array of trailer types, adapting to both utility and recreational needs.
  • Integrated Wiring System: Neatly designed to protect and maintain brake wire integrity.

Localized and Expedited Service:

Embracing MROVI’s Last Mile Guarantee, we commit to 24-hour delivery across New Jersey, ensuring you receive the best service without the prolonged wait. Our local expertise in trailer parts and repair, coupled with a deep understanding of our customer’s needs, allows us to offer tailored solutions swiftly and effectively.

Whether you’re a professional with strict project timelines or a recreational enthusiast preparing for your next adventure, our kit aligns with the demands of varied trailer applications. It reflects a dedication to quality, providing everything necessary to construct a resilient and road-worthy medium-duty trailer.

Why Choose the True 8,000 lb Tandem Axle Complete Parts Kit?

  • Superior Quality: Each component is crafted to meet or exceed OEM standards, ensuring top-tier performance and safety.
  • Comprehensive Solution: This all-in-one kit includes everything you need to build or upgrade your trailer, saving you time and hassle.
  • Enhanced Safety: With robust braking systems and durable construction, this kit enhances the safety and reliability of your trailer.
  • Easy Installation: Pre-assembled axles and user-friendly components make installation straightforward, even for DIY enthusiasts.

Order your True 8,000 lb Tandem Axle Complete Parts Kit today and experience the difference high-quality parts can make to your towing journey.

True 8,000 lb Tandem Axle Complete Parts Kit Specifications Breakdown:

8K 12×2 Brake Axles:

  • Capacity: 8,000 lbs per axle
  • Brake Type: Electric brakes for superior stopping power
  • Installation: Fully assembled for easy setup
  • Maintenance: EZ Lube Design for simple lubrication; check and replace brake pads as needed
  • Use Cases: Ideal for utility trailers, boat haulers, and car trailers requiring robust braking capabilities

16″ 235/80 R16 14 Ply Radial  Steel TWA (Tire Wheel Assemblies):

  • Tire Size: 235/80 R16, suitable for 16″ diameter rims
  • Load Range: G (14 ply)
  • Maximum Load: 4,080 lbs per tire at 110 psi
  • Speed Rating: M (81 mph)
  • Wheel Finish: Powder-coated silver for corrosion resistance
  • Maintenance: Regularly check tire pressure and tread wear to ensure safety and longevity
  • Use Cases: Perfect for stock trailers, utility trailers, and campers for highway and off-road applications

4K 29.50″ 6 Leaf Slipper Springs:

  • Capacity: Designed to support 4,000 lbs per spring
  • Spring Type: Slipper springs for efficient shock absorption
  • Maintenance: Inspect springs regularly for wear or damage, especially in heavy use
  • Use Cases: Enhances suspension for trailers transporting heavy loads, improving ride smoothness and trailer stability

U-Bolt Kits:

  • Material: Durable steel construction for secure axle mounting
  • Compatibility: Designed for installation axles and springs, ensuring a tight fit
  • Maintenance: Check periodically for signs of wear or loosening, tighten as needed
  • Use Cases: Essential for attaching axles to the trailer frame securely, crucial for both light and heavy loads

Slipper Tandem Hanger Kit:

  • Components: Includes all necessary brackets and hardware for tandem axle setup
  • Design: Engineered for slipper spring installation, providing durable support
  • Maintenance: Regular inspections to ensure no parts are worn out or loose
  • Use Cases: Critical for assembling tandem axle trailers, ensuring proper alignment and suspension function


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