Styleside LED ID Lightbar with Auxiliary Turn and 3rd Brake Functions

Styleside LED ID Lightbar with Auxiliary Turn and 3rd Brake Functions


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Upgrade your trailer with Mrovi Trailer Parts’ Styleside LED ID Lightbar, featuring auxiliary turn and 3rd brake functions, perfect for enhancing rear visibility. Enjoy free delivery across the East Coast with this 11-diode, 4-wire setup lightbar.

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Optimize your trailer’s rear identification and safety features with the Styleside LED ID Lightbar from Mrovi Trailer Parts. This high-performance lightbar, designed specifically for the rear/center of trailers, features 11 bright LED diodes and supports auxiliary turn and third brake light functions. It’s an essential upgrade for any trailer requiring enhanced visibility and signaling, especially in heavy traffic or poor weather conditions.

Key Features:

  • 11 LED Diodes: Provides superior brightness and visibility, improving safety and communication with other drivers.
  • Auxiliary Functions: Includes additional turn signaling and a third brake light for greater functionality and safety compliance.
  • 4-Wire Setup: Ensures easy integration with existing trailer wiring systems, allowing for a quick and hassle-free installation.
  • Designed for Rear/Center Use: Specifically crafted for placement at the rear/center of your trailer, fulfilling identification and safety needs effectively.

Exclusive Benefits from Mrovi Trailer Parts:

  • Free East Coast Delivery: Mrovi Trailer Parts is committed to providing exceptional service, including free delivery to customers along the East Coast, ensuring you receive your parts swiftly and without additional cost.
  • Easy Installation: Comes with everything needed for setup, allowing for immediate improvement in safety and compliance.
  • Enhanced Durability: Constructed from high-quality materials to withstand rigorous road conditions and weather, ensuring longevity and reliability.

Additional Information: For trailers requiring standard stop, tail, and turn functions, consider pairing this lightbar with the 535 Series lights, designed to meet these specific needs comprehensively.

Installation Tips:

  • Secure Placement: Ensure the lightbar is mounted securely at the designated rear/center area for optimal visibility and performance.
  • Proper Wiring Connection: Follow the wiring instructions carefully to integrate seamlessly with your trailer’s existing electrical system.

Mrovi Trailer Parts offers not just high-quality products but also unmatched convenience with free delivery to the East Coast. Equip your trailer with the Styleside LED ID Lightbar and experience the difference in safety, functionality, and service that comes from one of the leading providers in trailer parts.

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