Slipper Spring Equalizer for 38″ Axle Spacing – 2-1/2″ Wide with 3/4″ Bolt Hole

Slipper Spring Equalizer for 38″ Axle Spacing – 2-1/2″ Wide with 3/4″ Bolt Hole



Ensure smooth and balanced rides with our 2-1/2″ Wide Slipper Spring Equalizer, designed for 38″ axle spacing and featuring a 3/4″ spring eye hole bolt size. Perfect for heavy-duty applications, this equalizer enhances suspension performance and durability.

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Optimize your trailer’s suspension system with our robust Slipper Spring Equalizer, specifically engineered for trailers with 38-inch axle spacing. This equalizer, measuring 2-1/2 inches in width, is tailored to accommodate a 3/4″ bolt size for the spring eye hole, ensuring a secure and precise fit for your slipper springs.

Key Specifications:

  • Width: 2-1/2 inches, providing ample support for your trailer’s suspension system.
  • Axle Spacing Compatibility: Designed for trailers with 38″ axle spacing, offering a universal fit for a wide range of applications.
  • Bolt Size: Features a 3/4″ spring eye hole bolt size, allowing for easy installation and a sturdy connection.
  • Material Durability: Constructed from high-quality materials to withstand the rigors of heavy-duty use, ensuring long-term reliability and performance.

Whether you’re hauling commercial goods, heavy machinery, or recreational vehicles, our Slipper Spring Equalizer plays a crucial role in maintaining your trailer’s stability and smooth operation. By evenly distributing load stress across your trailer’s axles, it helps prevent premature wear and tear on your suspension components, contributing to a safer, more comfortable towing experience.

At Mrovi Trailer Parts, based in New Jersey, we pride ourselves on offering top-tier trailer components that meet the stringent demands of modern towing. Our SKU: 13-139-3 and Reference Number: 085275 for the Slipper Spring Equalizer reflect our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Take advantage of our 24-hour delivery service across select Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states, and upgrade your trailer with components that are built to last.


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