Single Axle Hanger Kit for 2000 – 7000 lb Axles with Double Eye Springs



List of Parts Included:

  • (2) Front Hangers: 2″ tall
  • (2) Rear Hangers: 2″ tall
  • (4) Shackle Straps: 3-1/8″ long
  • (6) Shackle Bolts: 3″ long x 9/16″ diameter
  • (6) Locknuts: 9/16″ diameter

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🚚 Upgrade Your Trailer’s Suspension! 🚚 Enhance your trailer with the Trailer Double Eye Single Axle Hanger Kit from MROVI Trailer Parts, ideally suited for 2000 – 7000 lb axles. This comprehensive kit is essential for anyone looking to install a new suspension or upgrade their existing setup on single-axle trailers.

Kit Components and Specifications:

  • 🔧 Front and Rear Hangers: Includes two 2″ tall front hangers and two 2″ tall rear hangers, ensuring a stable mounting point for the springs.
  • 🔩 Shackle Straps: Four 3-1/8″ long shackle straps to effectively connect the springs to the hangers.
  • 🛠️ Shackle Bolts and Locknuts: Six 3″ long x 9/16″ diameter shackle bolts and six 9/16″ diameter locknuts to securely fasten the springs to the trailer.

Enhanced Trailer Performance: This kit is designed to improve the suspension system of trailers with axle capacities ranging from 2000 to 7000 lbs. It is perfect for a variety of trailers, including utility trailers, boat trailers, and commercial haulers.

Quality and Durability: 🔧 MROVI Trailer Parts prioritizes quality and reliability in its products. The Double Eye Single Axle Hanger Kit is made from stamped HD steel, ensuring strength and long-lasting performance.

Easy Installation: The kit includes all necessary components for a straightforward installation process. Its compatibility with different axle sizes and the shorter shackle length for a lower ride height make it a versatile choice for trailer owners.

Versatile Application: Whether you are repairing a broken trailer or building a new one, this kit offers the reliability and durability you need. It’s suitable for a wide range of trailer types and is easy to weld on for a secure fit.

Invest in Your Trailer’s Suspension: Choose MROVI Trailer Parts for your trailer maintenance and upgrade needs. Our commitment to providing high-quality, reliable trailer components makes us your trusted source for suspension system parts. Order the Trailer Double Eye Single Axle Hanger Kit today and ensure your trailer is equipped to handle the demands of the road.


  • (2) 2″ tall front hangers
  • (2) 2″ tall rear hangers
  • (4) 3-1/8″ long shackle straps
  • (6) 3″ long x 9/16″ diameter shackle bolts
  • (6) 9/16″ diameter locknuts
  • Capacity: 2000-7000 lb
  • Suspension Type: Double Eye
  • Axle Setup: Single Axle

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 4 in


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