Rambler ST225/75R15 Radial Trailer Tire w/ 15″ VesperSilver Mod Wheel – 6 on 5-1/2 – LR E

Rambler ST225/75R15 Radial Trailer Tire w/ 15″ VesperSilver Mod Wheel – 6 on 5-1/2 – LR E


Upgrade your trailer with our ST225/75R15 radial tire and wheel assembly, perfect for heavy loads with a 10-ply rating and corrosion-resistant black steel wheel. Ideal for utility trailers and campers, offering durability and a smooth ride. Includes complimentary roadside assistance. Get yours today!

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Elevate your towing experience with our premium ST225/75R15 radial trailer tire and wheel assembly, designed specifically for heavy-duty applications. Whether you’re hauling stock, utility trailers, or campers, this assembly ensures your cargo reaches its destination safely and efficiently.

Key Features:

  • Robust Construction: The tire boasts a 10-ply rating with a maximum load capacity of 2,860 lbs at 65 psi, ideal for heavy loads. Double steel belts and polyester cords with a nylon overlay offer durability and a long service life.
  • Highway-Ready: Engineered for highway use, the radial ply tire combines longevity with performance. Its nylon tread-firming belt overlays prevent tread separation, while tread bars provide a visual wear indicator.
  • Superior Wheel Design: The steel wheel features a modular design with a striking black acrylic enamel finish. This finish, superior to powder coats, is applied after a zinc phosphate pre-treatment and an e-coat primer layer, offering excellent corrosion resistance and enduring over 1,000 hours of salt spray testing.
  • Enhanced Safety: The wheel incorporates Improved Torque Retention (ITR) technology with beveled and uncoated stud holes, ensuring the wheel remains securely mounted on your trailer.
  • DOT Compliant: Meeting DOT specifications and exceeding FMVSS, this tire-and-wheel assembly is created exclusively for trailer use, not intended for other vehicles.


  • Rim Dimensions: 15″ diameter x 6″ wide, with a 6 on 5-1/2″ bolt pattern and a 4.25″ pilot diameter.
  • Tire Size: ST225/75R15 with a load range of E, capable of handling up to 2,860 lbs at 65 psi, and a maximum speed of 81 mph (speed rating M).
  • Warranty: Comes with a 2-Year limited warranty and a Platinum Plus warranty, including 24/7 complimentary roadside assistance.

Why Choose This Tire-and-Wheel Assembly? Not only does it provide outstanding durability and a smooth ride, but it also offers peace of mind with its comprehensive warranty and roadside assistance. Ideal for a variety of trailer types, it ensures your trailer is equipped for the long haul, maintaining high performance and safety standards. With its superior design and construction, this tire-and-wheel assembly is an indispensable upgrade for your trailer, keeping you moving forward without interruption.

Embrace a new standard of quality and reliability for your trailer with our ST225/75R15 radial tire and wheel assembly. It’s not just an investment in your trailer’s performance—it’s an investment in your peace of mind.

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