Hydraulic Disc Caliper for 10K-12K Axles



Enhance your trailer’s braking efficiency with our Premium Hydraulic Disc Caliper, suitable for 10K-12K axles. Designed for a perfect fit on both straight and Torflex axles, our caliper ensures reliable performance. Rely on Mrovi Trailer Parts for dependable, high-quality trailer components.

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Mrovi Trailer Parts presents the superior Hydraulic Disc Caliper, an essential component for trailers with 10K and 12K straight axles as well as 13G and 13D Torflex axles. This high-quality caliper is meticulously designed to provide optimal braking performance and safety for your trailer, ensuring a reliable and smooth operation on every journey.

Crafted with precision, our Hydraulic Disc Caliper is compatible with leading axle brands, affirming its versatility and ease of integration into your existing trailer system. It’s engineered to work seamlessly with the K71-180-00 brake pad kit, guaranteeing a comprehensive and efficient braking solution.

Whether you’re managing utility trailers, flatbeds, or any other heavy-duty trailers, our Hydraulic Disc Caliper is a testament to our commitment to safety, performance, and quality. Mrovi Trailer Parts is your trusted source for premium trailer components, dedicated to enhancing the longevity and reliability of your trailer.

Located in New Jersey and committed to excellence, Mrovi Trailer Parts offers a wide range of trailer components designed to meet the highest standards. Our Hydraulic Disc Caliper is a prime example of our dedication to providing products that ensure performance, safety, and satisfaction.

Choose Mrovi Trailer Parts’ Premium Hydraulic Disc Caliper for your 10K-12K axle trailers and experience the difference in quality and reliability that comes with our expertly engineered components.


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