Equalizer Cast 7 3/4″ Curved All Three Holes 9/16″



Strengthen your trailer’s suspension with our 7 3/4″ Curved Cast Equalizer, featuring 9/16″ holes. Its robust design ensures a smooth ride and durable performance. Ready for 24-hour delivery in PA, MD, VA, CT, NY, MA, NJ, RI, NH, VT.

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Introducing our robust Curved Cast Equalizer, specifically designed to enhance the suspension system of your heavy-duty trailer. Measuring 7 3/4″ and equipped with 9/16″ holes, this equalizer is crafted to provide superior stability and durability under demanding conditions.

Constructed from high-quality cast material, this equalizer maintains its integrity even with continuous use, ensuring your trailer’s suspension is reliable over long distances and rough terrains. The curved design allows for better shock absorption, distributing the stress evenly across your trailer’s axles.

Key Features:

  • Precision Engineering: A 7 3/4″ length paired with 9/16″ holes for precise fitment and performance.
  • Durable Material: Cast construction offers enhanced strength and longevity.
  • Improved Suspension: The curved shape is designed to optimize suspension travel and load handling.
  • Universal Fit: Compatible with various trailer models, supporting a wide range of suspension setups.


  • Length: 7 3/4″
  • Hole Diameter: 9/16″
  • Shape: Curved

Mrovi Trailer Parts, based in New Jersey, is your trusted supplier for high-quality trailer parts and accessories. Leveraging our 24-hour delivery service to the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states, we ensure that you get the essential components when you need them the most. Our Curved Cast Equalizer is a testament to our commitment to quality and durability. Order now to enhance your trailer’s suspension system and ensure a smoother, safer journey.


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