Dexter 2-1/2″ Wide Slipper Spring Equalizer for 48.50″ Axle Spacing – With Rubber Bushing

Dexter 2-1/2″ Wide Slipper Spring Equalizer for 48.50″ Axle Spacing – With Rubber Bushing



Optimize your trailer’s suspension with Dexter’s 2-1/2″ Wide Slipper Spring Equalizer, designed for 48.50″ axle spacing and equipped with a durable rubber bushing for improved longevity and performance.

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Enhance the stability and durability of your trailer’s suspension system with our Dexter 2-1/2″ Wide Slipper Spring Equalizer. This crucial component, made for a 48.50″ axle spacing, is an ideal upgrade for maintaining the balance and alignment of your trailer’s wheels. It comes with a pre-installed rubber bushing, providing excellent shock absorption and reducing metal-on-metal contact for a smoother ride.

Key Features:

  • Dexter Brand Quality: A trusted name in trailer components, Dexter equalizers are synonymous with reliability and durability.
  • Specific Fit: Tailored for 48.50″ axle spacing, ensuring a perfect match for your tandem or multi-axle trailers.
  • Rubber Bushing: The included rubber bushing enhances the equalizer’s ability to dampen road vibrations, resulting in less wear on your trailer and a more comfortable towing experience.
  • Robust Construction: Made from heavy-duty materials, this equalizer is designed to withstand the tough conditions of the road, ensuring long-lasting service.
  • Easy Installation: Dexter’s precision engineering guarantees a hassle-free fit, making installation quick and straightforward.

With SKU: 13-141-3 and Reference Number: 086015, this Dexter Slipper Spring Equalizer is easily identifiable for ordering and inventory purposes. It is an essential part of any trailer owner’s toolkit, providing the necessary support to keep your trailer level and stable under load.

At Mrovi Trailer Parts, headquartered in New Jersey, we are dedicated to supplying high-quality trailer parts to our customers. Our extensive range includes premium Dexter components, ensuring you have access to the best products in the industry. With our efficient 24-hour delivery service across PA, MD, VA, CT, NY, MA, NJ, RI, NH, VT, your trailer maintenance needs are covered. Upgrade to our Dexter 2-1/2″ Wide Slipper Spring Equalizer today and experience the difference in your trailer’s handling and longevity.


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