Rubber Bushing – 5/8″ ID x 1.375″ OD x 2.18″ Long for 9K Axles



Ensure smooth operation and durability of your trailer’s suspension with Mrovi Trailer Parts’ Rubber Bushing, designed for 9K axles. Measuring 5/8″ ID, 1.375″ OD, and 2.18″ long, this bushing is perfect for reducing wear and vibration.

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Optimize the performance of your trailer’s suspension system with the high-quality Rubber Bushing from Mrovi Trailer Parts. Specifically designed for 9K axles, this bushing features dimensions of 5/8″ ID x 1.375″ OD x 2.18″ long, making it an ideal replacement or upgrade for your trailer’s existing components. This rubber bushing is engineered to provide superior shock absorption and reduce vibrations, ensuring a smoother ride and extending the life of other suspension components.

Key Features:

  • Dimensionally Accurate: 5/8″ inner diameter, 1.375″ outer diameter, and 2.18″ length perfectly fit specific 9K axle requirements.
  • High-Quality Rubber Material: Offers excellent flexibility and durability, providing effective shock absorption and vibration reduction.
  • Designed for 9K Axles: Specifically tailored to meet the needs of 9K axle systems, ensuring compatibility and optimal performance.
  • Easy Installation: This bushing can be easily installed in the existing setup, allowing for quick replacement and minimal downtime.


  • Enhanced Ride Quality: Helps in smoothing out the ride by absorbing shocks and vibrations from uneven road surfaces.
  • Increased Durability: Protects suspension components by reducing wear and tear, thereby extending the life of the trailer’s moving parts.
  • Cost-Efficient Maintenance: Offers a cost-effective solution to maintain your trailer’s suspension system without compromising on quality.

Application: Ideal for use in various types of trailers including utility trailers, boat trailers, and other vehicles that use 9K axle systems. This bushing is particularly useful in scenarios where heavy loads or frequent travel over rough terrains is common.

For trailer owners looking for reliable parts that ensure safety and comfort during transit, the Rubber Bushing from Mrovi Trailer Parts is an excellent choice. Enhance your trailer’s functionality and extend its operational lifespan with this essential component, available with quick delivery options to meet your urgent maintenance needs.


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