30,000 lb Adjustable Gooseneck Coupler, Round 2-5/16″



Dominate heavy-duty towing with our Ultra-Strong Adjustable Gooseneck Coupler. Designed for a 2-5/16″ ball, this coupler handles an impressive 30,000 lb capacity. Featuring a safe and efficient curved ball clamp bar and a spring-loaded handle, rely on Mrovi Trailer Parts for unmatched strength and ease of use.

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Introducing the Adjustable Gooseneck Coupler from Mrovi Trailer Parts, epitomizing exceptional strength, precision, and ease of use in the world of heavy-duty towing. Crafted to accommodate a round 2-5/16″ ball, this coupler boasts a formidable 30,000 lb weight capacity, catering to substantial towing requirements in agricultural, industrial, and commercial settings.

The coupler’s innovative design incorporates a curved internal ball clamp bar, guaranteeing a secure and perfect fit on the hitch ball. This design significantly simplifies the coupling and uncoupling process, enhancing both safety and efficiency. The hidden spring latch mechanism, seamlessly integrated within the casting, simplifies operation and protects the moving components.


  • Ball Size: 2-5/16″
  • Weight Capacity: 30,000 lb
  • Vertical Adjustment: 8″
  • Retracted Height: 30″
  • Extended Height: 38″
  • Outer Pipe Diameter: 4-1/2″
  • Inner Pipe Diameter: 4″
  • Inner Pipe Thickness: 0.30″
  • Adjustment Hole Spacing: 2-11/16″
  • Adjustment Hole Diameter: 7/8″
  • Installation: Weld On

The welded belly band on the bottom of the outer tube adds immense strength, while the 3/4″ load-bearing pin adheres to the stringent SAE J2638 standard, ensuring that you’re equipped with a product that meets the highest industry benchmarks.

Mrovi Trailer Parts is committed to providing only the finest, most durable, and reliable trailer components. Our Adjustable Gooseneck Coupler represents our dedication to excellence, offering a robust solution that meets the demanding needs of heavy towing.

Choose Mrovi Trailer Parts’ Adjustable Gooseneck Coupler for a top-tier, durable, and reliable towing solution, ensuring your heavy loads are hitched safely and securely, every single time.


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