8K Electric Trailer Brake Assembly – Left Hand – Self Adjust



8,000 lb Left Hand Electric Trailer Brake Assembly by Mrovi Trailer Parts – Perfect for Heavy-Duty Trailers

  • Designed for 8,000 lb Axles: Ideal for a variety of trailers.
  • Self-Adjusting Feature: Ensures optimal performance with little maintenance.
  • Fully Equipped: Includes shoes, springs, and magnets.
  • Compatibility: Fits 16″ to 17.5″ wheels, left-hand installation.
  • Efficient Braking: 12-1/4″ x 3-3/8″ electric drum brakes for strong stopping power.

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Introducing the Mrovi Trailer Parts Electric Trailer Brake Assembly for the left hand (driver side), specifically designed for 8,000 lb trailer axles. This advanced brake assembly is an indispensable component for trailers requiring robust and reliable braking systems, particularly in heavy-duty applications.

Key Features and Specifications:

  • Axle Compatibility: Customized for 8,000 lb trailer axles with a four-hole brake flange.
  • Brake Type: Electric drum brakes, configured for left-hand (driver side) installation.
  • Self-Adjusting Mechanism: Automatically adjusts to maintain optimal performance and braking power with minimal maintenance.
  • Fully Assembled: Comes with shoes, springs, and magnets pre-installed on the backing plate.
  • Drum Dimensions: Drum diameter of 12-1/4″ and a width of 3-3/8″.
  • Wheel Compatibility: Suitable for 16″, 16.5″, 17″, and 17.5″ wheels.
  • Installation: Features a 4-hole brake flange; mounting hardware is not included.

Use Cases: Ideal for various types of trailers including Utility Trailers, Flatbed Trailers, Equipment Trailers, Snow Mobile Trailers, Car Hauler Trailers, Camper Trailers, Cattle Trailers, and Horse Trailers. This brake assembly is particularly useful in heavy-duty applications where reliable braking is crucial.

Why Choose Mrovi Trailer Parts’ Brake Assembly? Choosing Mrovi Trailer Parts means opting for a product that combines superior quality with dependability. This electric brake assembly ensures efficient braking with minimal upkeep, making it a crucial component for maintaining trailer safety and performance.

Installation Process and Guidelines:

  • Preparation: Ensure the axle and brake flange are free from damage.
  • Mounting: Align and attach the assembly to the left-hand side of the axle using the 4-hole brake flange pattern.
  • Electrical Connection: Connect the brake assembly to the trailer’s electrical system, ensuring a secure and reliable setup.

Installation Tips:

  1. Compatibility Check: Ensure the assembly matches your trailer’s 8,000 lb axle specifications.
  2. Left-Hand Installation: Verify correct installation on the left-hand (driver) side.
  3. Electrical Safety: Adhere to all electrical safety standards during installation.
  4. Mounting Hardware: Acquire any necessary mounting hardware separately.

Final Thoughts: Mrovi Trailer Parts’ Left Hand Electric Trailer Brake Assembly for 8,000 lb axles is a vital upgrade for trailers, enhancing safety and braking efficiency. The self-adjusting feature and compatibility with various wheel sizes make it an ideal, effective solution for trailer maintenance.

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 6 in


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