7k Trailer Axle – 7000 lb Idler 8 lug – (4″ Drop)

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Elevate your towing with Mrovi’s 7K Idler Trailer Axle, designed for medium-duty trailers needing robust support without brakes. Fully assembled and easy to maintain, it’s the ideal choice for a wide range of towing applications.


Please reference our Min/Max Chart Below for Axle sizing.


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Mrovi’s 7K Idler Trailer Axle – The Foundation of Reliable Towing

Transform your trailer’s capabilities with Mrovi Trailer Parts’ 7,000 lb Idler Trailer Axle. Specially designed for those who demand the utmost in reliability and performance without the need for integrated brakes, this axle suits an extensive range of medium-duty trailers. Whether you’re towing a boat, carrying landscape equipment, or hauling an ATV, this axle, featuring a standard 4″ drop and an 8-lug configuration, is built to endure the rigors of the road, ensuring a smooth, stable journey across New Jersey and further.




Helps for a smoother ride,
saves tires from wear and
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Key Features:

  • Robust Construction: Crafted with a durable 3″ tube, this axle promises longevity and consistent performance, supporting up to 7,000 lbs with ease.
  • Fully Assembled Ease: Arriving completely assembled with high-temp axle grease, this idler axle saves you valuable time and effort in setup.
  • Versatility at Its Best: Ideal for a wide array of medium-duty trailers, offering flexibility for various towing needs without the complexity of brakes.
  • EZ Lube Design: Equipped with an innovative EZ Lube system for hassle-free maintenance, ensuring your trailer axle remains in peak condition.
  • Optimized for Smooth Towing: Designed to provide even tire wear and a superior towing experience, enhancing the safety and efficiency of your trailer.

Why Choose Mrovi Trailer Parts?

At Mrovi Trailer Parts, we understand that the right axle can make all the difference in your towing experience. Our 7K Idler Trailer Axle is a testament to our dedication to quality, designed to meet the specific needs of trailer owners and builders who prioritize smooth operation and durability. Backed by our “last mile guarantee,” we ensure your parts arrive swiftly, ready to elevate your trailer’s performance.

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80, 81, 82, 83, 84, 85, 86, 87, 88, 89, 90, 91, 92, 93, 94, 95, 96

Bolt Pattern

8×6.5 – 1/2 studs, 8×6.5 – 9/16 studs

Bolt Pattern

MROVI’s Guide for Measuring Trailer Axle Bolt Patterns

How to Measure your Trailer’s Wheel Bolt Circle Lug or Bolt Pattern

In order to replace a hub on your trailer, you will need to know the bolt pattern or lug pattern. Trailer wheel hub patterns can be defined by the number of bolts or lugs per wheel and the diameter of the circle that the bolts are arranged on.  Determining the bolt pattern is rather easy, but it is very important that accurate measurements are taken.  The majority of boat trailers on the road have a 4, 5 or 6 lug pattern.

Determining the bolt pattern on your trailer:

  1. You will need to first count the number of lug bolts on one wheel. Most trailer hubs typically have 4 or 5 lugs per wheel/hub. Heavier duty, higher capacity trailers generally have 6 or 8 Lugs per wheel.
  2. If the trailer hubs have an even number of bolts holding the wheel, measure from the center of one bolt to the center of the bolt directly opposite using a ruler, tape measure or caliper.  The hub lug bolt pattern will be determined by the number of lug bolts and the distance between the opposing hub bolt (see 4-lug hub diagram).  All but 5-lug patterns are measured in this manner.
  3. If your trailer wheel hubs have 5 lug bolts, measuring is slightly different. Choose any lug bolt and measure the distance between the back of one lug to the center of another that is directly across from it. Be sure that you skip one bolt when measuring.  You can measure the distance in either direction
NOTE:  If you are replacing older wheel hubs, wheels, integrated hub/drums or hub/rotors the bearings should be checked for wear and replaced as necessary. Always use a high-temperature wheel bearing grease when re-packing your trailers hubs.

Hub Face & Spring Center

Axle Min/Max Sizes

Chart displaying minimum and maximum sizes for trailer axles, including hub face to hub face, spring center, and overall length measurements
Chart showing the minimum and maximum sizes for trailer axles, including critical measurements such as hub face to hub face, spring center, and overall length. Ensure accurate measurements for optimal trailer performance and safety.

Understanding Min/Max Measurements for a Trailer Axle

When dealing with trailer axles, understanding the minimum and maximum measurements is crucial for ensuring a proper fit, safe operation, and optimal performance. These measurements help determine the correct axle size for your trailer and ensure it can handle the required load.

1. Hub Face to Hub Face (HF to HF) Measurement

  • Definition: The distance from the outer edge of one hub face to the outer edge of the other hub face.
  • Importance: This measurement determines the overall length of the axle and ensures that the wheels are correctly positioned under the trailer. The correct HF to HF measurement ensures that the wheels do not extend beyond the trailer’s sides or sit too far inward.

2. Spring Center (SC) Measurement

  • Definition: The distance between the center of one spring mount to the center of the opposite spring mount.
  • Importance: This measurement ensures the axle aligns properly with the trailer’s spring hangers. Correct spring center measurement is crucial for balanced load distribution and maintaining the trailer’s stability and alignment during towing.

3. Overall Length (OL) Measurement

  • Definition: The total length of the axle from end to end.
  • Importance: This includes the hub face distance and any additional parts extending beyond the hub faces. Knowing the overall length helps in understanding the space needed for axle installation and avoiding any potential obstructions.

Min/Max Measurements

Minimum Measurements:

  • Hub Face to Hub Face (HF to HF): The minimum HF to HF measurement ensures the wheels fit within the trailer frame without rubbing against the trailer’s body or fenders.
  • Spring Center (SC): The minimum SC measurement ensures that the axle can be securely mounted to the trailer frame with the existing spring hanger placements.
  • Overall Length (OL): The minimum overall length ensures the axle fits within the designated area of the trailer without interfering with other components.

Maximum Measurements:

  • Hub Face to Hub Face (HF to HF): The maximum HF to HF measurement ensures the wheels are not too far apart, which could lead to excessive stress on the axle and poor handling.
  • Spring Center (SC): The maximum SC measurement ensures the axle is adequately supported by the trailer’s spring hangers and prevents excessive flexing or bending.
  • Overall Length (OL): The maximum overall length ensures the axle does not extend too far beyond the trailer, which could affect the trailer’s balance and aerodynamics.

Why Min/Max Measurements Matter

  1. Safety: Ensuring that the axle fits within the specified measurements prevents issues such as improper wheel alignment, excessive tire wear, and instability during towing, which can lead to accidents.
  2. Performance: Proper axle measurements ensure balanced load distribution and optimal suspension performance, leading to a smoother and more efficient towing experience.
  3. Compliance: Adhering to the correct measurements ensures the trailer meets industry standards and regulations, preventing potential legal issues and ensuring roadworthiness.
  4. Durability: Correct axle fitment reduces stress on trailer components, preventing premature wear and extending the lifespan of the axle and associated parts.

Measuring Tips

  • Accurate Tools: Use a reliable measuring tape or laser measurement tool to ensure precision.
  • Level Surface: Ensure the trailer is on a level surface to avoid skewed measurements.
  • Multiple Checks: Measure multiple times to confirm accuracy, and consult the trailer manufacturer’s specifications for guidance.

By understanding and adhering to the minimum and maximum measurements for your trailer axle, you can ensure a safe, reliable, and efficient towing experience.

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    we purchase 79/64 drop axles nobody had it in stock Mrovi gave us good deal we got delivered instead of 48 in 24 hours, we are recomended this company,
    thank you Levan

  2. Chris

    These guys provide axles parts in time. Great prices. Very friendly people 👏

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