6″ Oval LED Stop, Turn, and Tail Light – Grommet Mount

6″ Oval LED Stop, Turn, and Tail Light – Grommet Mount


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Upgrade with Mrovi Trailer Parts: The Jammy J-652-RK LED Light offers a modern twist on traditional design, ensuring your trailer is visible and compliant. Perfect for stop, turn, and tail light functions, this kit is a universal fit for all 6” oval grommets.

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Enhance your trailer’s safety and appearance with the Jammy J-652-RK 6″ Oval LED Stop, Turn, and Tail Light, brought to you by Mrovi Trailer Parts. This innovative light combines the nostalgic look of traditional bulbs with the efficiency and longevity of modern LED technology, providing a superior lighting solution that meets the demands of today’s trailers.

Key Features:

  • Efficient Dual LED Configuration: Featuring two LEDs that work together as one for uniform and bright illumination, ideal for your trailer’s stop, turn, and tail functions.
  • Energy Saving: Embrace the low power consumption and long life of LED technology, significantly reducing maintenance times and costs.
  • Classic Design, Modern Performance: Maintains the appearance of traditional bulbs while offering all the advantages of LEDs, including improved visibility and faster lighting response.
  • Universal Retrofit Compatibility: Easily replaces standard 6” oval lights, fitting seamlessly into existing grommets and accessories, thanks to its versatile design.
  • Trusted Quality from Mrovi Trailer Parts: Ensure your trailer is equipped with high-standard, DOT/SAE-approved lighting, backed by Mrovi Trailer Parts’ commitment to quality.

Why Choose the J-652-RK Light Kit from Mrovi Trailer Parts?

  • Streamlined Upgrade: Mrovi Trailer Parts makes installation easy, providing a complete solution for upgrading your trailer’s lighting with this universally compatible LED kit.
  • Safety First: Increase your trailer’s visibility and safety on the road, reducing the risk of accidents with brighter, more reliable lighting.
  • Cost-Effective: Enjoy the long-term savings of LED lights with lower energy usage and fewer replacements.
  • Rapid Delivery: Take advantage of Mrovi Trailer Parts’ 24-hour delivery service in the Northeastern states, ensuring you receive your parts quickly and efficiently.

Transform your trailer with the reliable, stylish, and easy-to-install Jammy J-652-RK 6″ Oval LED Stop, Turn, and Tail Light Kit. Perfect for all types of trailers, from utility to recreational, this kit provided by Mrovi Trailer Parts is your answer to a brighter, safer, and more energy-efficient lighting solution. Trust Mrovi for all your trailer part needs and drive with confidence knowing your trailer is lit by the best in the industry.

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 4 in


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