3500 lb Tandem Heavy Duty Drop Axle Complete Trailer Kit


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Revolutionize your trailer with the 3500 lb Tandem Heavy Duty Complete Kit – the ultimate solution for upgrading to a heavy-duty, reliable tandem setup. Enjoy enhanced performance, safety, and versatility with this all-in-one package.

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3500 lb Tandem Heavy Duty Drop Axle Complete Trailer Kit- Elevate Your Towing Game 

Transform your trailer into a heavy-duty hauler with the 3500 lb Tandem Heavy Duty Complete Trailer Kit from Mrovi Trailer Parts. Engineered for durability, reliability, and performance, this comprehensive kit is designed to enhance the functionality of your trailer, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. Whether you’re a professional contractor or a DIY enthusiast in New Jersey or beyond, our kit provides everything you need to upgrade or build your tandem trailer.

What’s Included in the 3500 lb Tandem Heavy Duty Drop Axle Complete Trailer Kit:

  • 2 x 3.5k Electric Drum Brake Axles: Fully assembled for immediate installation, boosting your trailer’s braking power and reliability.
  • 4 x 1.75k 25.25″ 4 Leaf Double Eye Springs: Offer superior flexibility and durability, ensuring a smooth ride.
  • 4 x 1.75K U-Bolt Kits & 1 x Double Eye Tandem Hanger Kit: For secure mounting of your axles and springs.

3500 lb Tandem Heavy Duty Axle Complete Trailer Kit:

  • Axle Type: 3.5K Electric Brake Trailer Axle (2)
  • Axle Capacity: 3,500 lbs
  • Spring Type: 4 Leaf Double Eye Springs
  • Spring Dimensions: 25.25″ Length x 1.75″ Width
  • U-Bolt Kit: 1.75k Capacity
  • Hanger Kit: Double Eye Hanger Kit for easy installation
  • Assembly: Comes fully assembled for quick installation
  • Lubrication: EZ Lube Design for easy maintenance
  • Construction: High-strength steel tube for durability and even tire wear
  • Compatibility: Suitable for utility, boat, car haulers, ATV, lawn & landscape, motorcycle, BBQ pit, cargo, enclosed, and RV trailers
  • Taskmaster ST205/75R15 Radial Tire and Wheel Assembly Specs:
    • Tire Size: ST205/75R15
    • Load Range: D
    • Ply Rating: 8
    • Maximum Load: 2,150 lbs at 65 psi
    • Speed Rating: M (81 mph)
    • Wheel Size: 15″ diameter x 6″ wide
    • Bolt Pattern: 5 on 4-1/2″
    • Wheel Capacity: 1,870 lbs
    • Pilot Diameter: 3.27″
    • Wheel Finish: Silver acrylic enamel for corrosion resistance and durability
    • Construction: Double steel belts and polyester cords with a nylon overlay for longevity
    • Warranty: 2-Year limited warranty on tire and wheel assembly

3500 lb Tandem Heavy Duty Drop Axle Complete Trailer Kit Features:

  • Complete Solution: All-encompassing 3500 lb Tandem Heavy Duty Complete Trailer Kit eliminates the hassle of sourcing individual parts.
  • High-Quality Components: Every item meets OEM standards, ensuring compatibility and performance.
  • Easy Maintenance: Features like EZ Lube Design simplify routine upkeep.
  • Versatile Application: Ideal for utility, boat, car haulers, and more, this kit supports a broad spectrum of trailer types.

Why Choose the 3500 lb Tandem Heavy Duty Duty Axle Complete Trailer Kit?

This kit not only saves you time with ready-to-install components but also enhances the safety and performance of your trailer. With electric drum brakes and high-strength steel construction, it’s designed to handle heavy loads with ease. The comprehensive nature of this kit makes it a flexible choice for various trailer projects, offering peace of mind through durable, high-quality parts.

Installation Tips for the 3500 lb Tandem Heavy Duty Drop Axle Complete Trailer Kit:

  1. Preparation Is Key: Before starting the installation, ensure your workspace is organized and all tools are readily available. This preparation will streamline the assembly process.
  2. Measure Twice, Install Once: Accurately measure the hub face and spring center on your trailer to confirm the kit components will fit as intended. Incorrect measurements can lead to improper installation and performance issues.
  3. Axle Alignment: Proper alignment of the axles is crucial for even tire wear and optimal towing performance. Use a level surface and measure diagonally across the axle mounting points to ensure accuracy.
  4. Spring Attachment: When attaching the springs to the axles, ensure they are properly seated and the U-bolt kits are tightly secured. This prevents movement and maintains suspension integrity.
  5. Brake Wiring: Carefully route and secure the electric brake wiring to avoid damage during travel. Use the internal wiring system to protect the wires from wear and tear.
  6. Wheel Installation: After the axles and suspension are installed, mount the wheels. Ensure the tires are inflated to the recommended pressure for optimal performance and safety.
  7. Final Inspection: Conduct a thorough inspection of all bolts, nuts, and connections. Test the electric brakes and adjust as necessary to ensure they engage smoothly and evenly.

Use Cases for the 3500 lb Tandem Heavy Duty Drop Axle Complete Trailer Kit:

  1. Utility Trailers: Ideal for transporting gardening tools, building materials, or large equipment, enhancing your trailer’s capacity and stability for various tasks.
  2. Boat Trailers: Upgrade your boat trailer to handle heavier vessels with confidence, ensuring a smooth ride to and from the water.
  3. Car Haulers: With the enhanced load capacity and electric brakes, transporting vehicles safely and efficiently becomes easier, making it perfect for car enthusiasts or professional transporters.
  4. ATV and Motorcycle Trailers: Tailor your trailer to the adventure lifestyle, securely carrying ATVs, motorcycles, or dirt bikes to your next off-road escapade.
  5. Landscaping Trailers: For landscaping professionals, this kit offers the durability and reliability needed to haul heavy equipment, plants, and materials to job sites.
  6. Enclosed Cargo Trailers: Whether for business or personal use, upgrade your enclosed trailer to handle more substantial loads for moving, storage, or specialized transport.
  7. DIY Trailer Projects: A great foundation for those looking to build their own custom trailer tailored to specific hobbies, needs, or business requirements.

Exclusive Last Mile Guarantee:

MROVI Trailer Parts is dedicated to exceptional customer service, offering our Last Mile Guarantee for rapid 24-hour delivery within our service area, including New Jersey and neighboring states. Orders over $400 qualify for free express delivery, making your trailer project not just a possibility but a priority.

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