3,500 lb Heavy Duty Tandem Axle Trailer Kit – 7K Capacity (Axles + Suspension)

3,500 lb Heavy Duty Tandem Axle Trailer Kit – 7K Capacity (Axles + Suspension)

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Get everything you need to construct a high-quality trailer with our 3.5K heavy-duty tandem trailer axle kit. Featuring two electric drum brake axles, four double eye springs, U-bolt kits, and a tandem hanger kit, this package provides the essential components for creating a sturdy and reliable trailer. Ideal for a variety of light-duty applications in New Jersey and beyond, from utility and boat haulers to ATV and landscape trailers. Enjoy OEM grade quality, easy assembly, and improved performance with our pre-packaged kit.

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mrovi trailer parts presents the Mrovi Trailer Kits that include all suspension and components as well as axles to get your trailer back on the road

Elevate Your Trailer Building or Repair Project with Our 3.5K Heavy-Duty Tandem Trailer Axle Kit – Your Comprehensive Solution

Embark on your next trailer building or repair project with confidence, thanks to our meticulously assembled 3.5K heavy-duty tandem trailer axle kit. Designed with both novices and seasoned builders in New Jersey and beyond in mind, this kit simplifies the process of creating a durable and reliable trailer for a multitude of uses.

What’s Included:

  • 2 – 3.5k Electric Drum Brake Axles: Ready-to-install, these axles come fully assembled to save you time and effort. Their robust design ensures your trailer can handle heavy loads with ease.
  • 4 – 1.75k 25.25″ 4 Leaf Double Eye Springs: These springs are engineered for durability and flexibility, providing a smooth ride under varying load conditions.
  • 4 – 1.75K U-Bolt Kits: Secure your axle and suspension with these high-quality U-bolts, designed for long-lasting performance.
  • 1 – Double Eye Tandem Hanger Kit: This comprehensive kit facilitates the installation of your double eye springs, ensuring a secure and balanced setup.

Features at a Glance:

  • Pre-Packaged for Perfect Fitment: Each component in this kit is selected to ensure a seamless fit, taking the guesswork out of assembling your trailer.
  • OEM Grade Quality: From axles to suspension parts, every piece meets OEM standards for durability and performance.
  • Ease of Maintenance: Featuring an EZ Lube Design, this kit allows for simple lubrication without the need to disassemble the hub, alongside an internal wiring system that protects brake wires from damage.
  • Designed for Versatility: Whether you’re building a utility trailer, a boat hauler, an ATV trailer, or a landscape trailer, this kit provides a solid foundation for a wide range of light-duty trailers.

Why Choose Our Tandem Trailer Axle Kit?

  • Save Time: With axles that come fully assembled and components that fit together seamlessly, you’ll get your trailer on the road faster.
  • Enhanced Safety and Performance: Electric drum brakes improve stopping power, while the high-strength steel construction ensures even tire wear and a smoother ride.
  • Versatile Application: This kit is suited for a variety of trailer types, making it a flexible choice for different projects.

Order your new 3.5K heavy-duty tandem trailer axle kit today and take the first step towards building a trailer that stands the test of time.

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