3500 lb Idler Axle Service Kit – 3.5k Capacity by MROVI Trailer Parts


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This trailer axle service kit ensures a perfect fit and durability, crafted from OEM-grade components. Simplify maintenance with our all-in-one solution for replacing worn-out axle parts.


•Convenient packaging with all necessary parts

•OEM-grade components ensure reliability

•Easy installation and replacement of axle parts

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Revitalize Your Trailer’s Performance with MROVI Trailer Parts’ 3500 lb Idler Axle Service Kit

3500 lb Idler Axle Service Kit by MROVI Trailer Parts
Ensure smooth trailer operation with MROVI’s 3500 lb Idler Axle Service Kit.

Keeping your trailer in optimal working condition is crucial, especially when it plays a significant role in your daily operations or leisure activities. MROVI Trailer Parts offers a complete solution with the 3500 lb Idler Axle Service Kit, specifically designed for 3.5k trailer axles. This kit is not just a set of replacement parts; it’s an investment in the longevity and reliability of your trailer.

What’s Included in the 3500 lb Idler Axle Service Kit:

2 Hubs: Choose between 5×4.5 or 5×5 bolt patterns to match your trailer’s specifications.

2 3500 lb Trailer Axle Bearing Kits: High-quality bearings that ensure smooth wheel rotation and stability.

2 L68111 Inner Races and 2 L44610 Outer Races: Pre-pressed for convenience, these races are ready to enhance your axle’s performance right out of the box.

2 L44649 Outer Bearings and 2 L68149 Inner Bearings: Specifically sized to ensure perfect fit and efficient operation.

2 10-19 3500 lb Grease Seals: Robust seals to keep grease in and dirt out, protecting the bearings and hub.

2 3500 lb Grease Caps with Plugs: Easy access for routine maintenance without dismantling the entire hub.

2 Cotter Pins and 2 Spindle Nut Retainers: Essential for securing axle components and ensuring safety on the road.

1 lb Grease Tub: High-quality grease to reduce friction and wear, extending the life of moving parts.

10 Cone Wheel Lug Nuts: Durable and designed to secure the wheel to the hub safely.

Key Features of the 3500 lb Idler Axle Service Kit:

Comprehensive Packaging: Everything you need in one convenient package, simplifying maintenance tasks.

OEM-Grade Components: Each component is crafted to meet or exceed OEM standards, ensuring compatibility and reliability.

Effortless Installation: The kit is designed for easy installation, making it accessible for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Each part fits seamlessly, reducing the hassle of axle repairs.

Enhanced Durability and Performance

The 3500 lb Idler Axle Service Kit from MROVI Trailer Parts is crafted using high-quality materials that withstand harsh conditions and frequent use. The precision-engineered bearings and races minimize friction, allowing for smoother travel and less strain on the axle. By replacing worn parts with these reliable components, you not only maintain but also enhance your trailer’s performance, ensuring it can handle heavy loads with ease.

Simplified Maintenance and Long-Term Reliability

This kit simplifies the maintenance process by providing all the necessary parts in one package. Regular maintenance using these premium parts can prevent future breakdowns, saving time and money. The inclusion of high-grade grease and easily accessible grease caps facilitates ongoing upkeep, which is vital for extending the lifespan of your trailer’s axle components.

Universal Fit and Versatility

The 3500 lb Idler Axle Service Kit is designed to be universally compatible with most 3.5k axles, making it a versatile choice for a wide range of trailers, including utility trailers, boat trailers, and more. Whether you’re upgrading an older model or refurbishing a newer one, this kit provides a reliable solution that keeps your trailer rolling smoothly and reliably.

Invest in the Best with MROVI Trailer Parts

Choose MROVI Trailer Parts for your trailer maintenance and experience the peace of mind that comes with using high-quality, reliable components. Order your 3500 lb Idler Axle Service Kit today and ensure your trailer is ready for any journey, backed by the best in trailer technology and support.

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