2,000 lb Axle – 2k Trailer U-Bolt Kit for 1 3/4″ Round Tube



Secure Your Small Trailer with Mrovi’s 3/8″ U-Bolt Kit for 2K Axles”

Mrovi Trailer Parts presents the 3/8″ Trailer U-Bolt Kit, perfect for 1 3/4″ Tube 2000 lb Axles. This kit includes everything needed for mounting leaf springs to a 2,000lb axle – four U-bolts, two U-bolt plates, and eight hex nuts. Ideal for small trailers, it ensures a stable and secure suspension setup. Easy to install and durable, it’s the go-to solution for your light trailer maintenance needs.



  • (4) 4-1/4″ Long U-bolts
  • (2) U-Bolt plates for 1-3/4″ Spring
  • (8) 3/8″ Hex nuts
  • L=4 1/4″ A=1 3/4″ D=3/8″

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Upgrade and secure your small trailers with Mrovi Trailer Parts’ 3/8″ Trailer U-Bolt Kit, specifically designed for 1 3/4″ Tube 2000 lb Axles. This comprehensive kit is the perfect starting point for trailer enthusiasts and professionals in the trailer maintenance and repair sector.

Kit Composition and Specs:

  • U-Bolts: The kit includes four 4-1/4″ long U-bolts, crafted with precision to ensure a snug fit around your trailer’s axle.
  • U-Bolt Plates: Two U-bolt plates are provided for 1-3/4″ springs, offering a stable base for the U-bolts to clamp onto the axle.
  • Hex Nuts: Eight 3/8″ hex nuts are included to securely fasten the U-bolts to the plates, ensuring your leaf springs are mounted firmly.
  • Dimensions: The U-bolts are 4 1/4″ in length (L), designed for a 1 3/4″ axle diameter (A), with a 3/8″ thread diameter (D).

Easy Installation and Versatility: Designed with user convenience in mind, this U-bolt kit makes mounting leaf springs to your trailer’s axle a straightforward process. Whether you’re replacing worn-out parts or assembling a new trailer, the kit provides all the necessary components for a secure setup. It is typically suitable for a 2,000lb axle, common in small utility trailers, lightweight boat trailers, and other compact towing vehicles.

Quality Assurance: At Mrovi Trailer Parts, we understand the importance of durability and reliability in trailer components. While minor rust and oils from raw materials are normal and can be cleaned upon arrival, each part in our U-bolt kit meets rigorous quality standards. The robust construction of the U-bolts and plates ensures longevity and consistent performance under various road conditions.

Additional Components: For a complete suspension setup, spring seats are required and can be purchased separately from our online store. Our extensive inventory ensures that you can find all the complementary parts needed for a comprehensive trailer upgrade or repair.

Perfect for Small Trailers: This U-bolt kit is ideal for trailers with a 2,000lb axle capacity, commonly used for transporting lightweight cargo, small boats, and other recreational equipment. The kit’s size and specifications are tailored to offer optimal support and stability for these types of trailers.

Shop with Confidence: Choose Mrovi Trailer Parts for your trailer maintenance needs. Our commitment to quality, combined with an extensive selection of trailer parts, makes us a reliable source for all your trailer repair and upgrade requirements. Order your 3/8″ Trailer U-Bolt Kit today and experience the ease and efficiency of our top-quality products.

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 4 in


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